People as paintings: Alexa Meade at TEDGlobal 2013

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When you’re an artist, everything you see can seem like a canvas, a blank page with the potential for something beautiful. Alexa Meade sees this quite literally, using actual people as both subject and canvas. Painting on a 1-to-1 scale, Meade takes real-life subjects and turns them into paintings, playing with the shadow and light of the human form.

Look closely.

And again:

Meade graduated with a degree in political science and thought she’d get a government job, but when she found this way of creating a portrait late in her college career, it changed the direction of her life. So, instead of moving to Washington, DC, and taking a desk job after graduation, she moved into her parents’ basement and began teaching herself to paint. Her first models were grapefruit, eggs, toast … then moving on herself and her neighbor.

Onstage, she shares a new series of collaborative portraits…

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Want to be happy? Be grateful: Brother David Steindl-Rast at TEDGlobal 2013

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David Steindl-Rast is a monk, and a composed, serene figure to wrap up the last session of TEDGlobal 2013. His theme, gratefulness, is also appropriate for the end of a long and intense week. After all, he points out, we all share the same essential goal: to be happy. And gratitude provides the key. “We all know people who have lots of misfortunes that we ourselves would not want to have, and they are deeply happy, they radiate happiness,” he says. Why are they like this? “Because they are grateful. It is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.”

So how exactly do we live gratefully? “By becoming aware that every moment is a ‘given moment,’ as we say,” Steindl-Rast explains. “It’s a gift. You haven’t earned it or brought it about. And you have no way of assuring there will be another moment given to you.”…

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Got social problems? Business can help: Michael Porter at TEDGlobal 2013

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Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter is here to make the case that business can help tackle social problems. Issues such as healthcare, access to water and climate change are bread-and-butter concerns for TEDsters in the room, who clearly agree with his early statement that we’re all very aware that these problems exist. Many of them also clearly agree with his analysis that business is often seen as the problem, not the answer.

Here’s the problem with the problem. The systems that we’ve developed to deal with social issues, including NGOs and philanthropies, are well-meaning and motivated, but they’re not designed to scale. “The awkward reality is that we’re not making fast enough progress. We’re not winning,” says Porter. “These problems seem very daunting and intractable. Any solutions we’re achieving are small solutions, incremental progress.”

The issue: the current model doesn’t have nearly enough resources to finance the necessary change. We need…

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Kazanabilirsiniz ama …

Kaan Öztürk Blog

12 Ekim 1936’da İspanya’daki Salamanca Üniversitesi’nde Columbus Günü kutlamaları yapılıyordu. İspanyol İç Savaşı başlayalı kısa bir süre olmuştu, Salamanca faşist Frankistlerin kontrolündeydi. Kutlamalara katılanlar arasında Salamanca Başpiskoposu, Franco’nun karısı, ve General José Millán Astray vardı. Meşhur edebiyatçı ve düşünür Miguel de Unamuno üniversitenin rektörü sıfatıyla törene başkanlık ediyordu.

Tören kısa zamanda aşırı milliyetçi ve kana susamış bir havaya büründü. Konuşan bir profesör Bask ülkesi ve Katalonya’yı kansere benzeterek “Faşizm’in usta bir doktor gibi canlı eti keserek bunları itlaf edeceğini” ilan etti. Salondan birisi “¡Viva la Muerte!” (“Yaşasın ölüm!“) diye seslendi. General Millán Astray’in kalabalığı coşturmasıyla salonda “İspanya – birleşmiş, büyük, özgür!” sloganı çınlamaya başladı.

Unamuno yavaşça yerinden kalktı, kürsüye geldi.unamuno-sm

Beni iyi tanırsınız ve uzun zaman sessiz kalamayacağımı bilirsiniz. Bazen sessiz kalmak yalan söylemekle birdir, çünkü sükût ikrar olarak yorumlanabilir… Basklara ve Katalanlara yönelik kişisel hakareti gözardı edeceğim. Bildiğiniz gibi ben…

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Seen at TEDGlobal, 5 hilarious TEDx videos from around the world

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Before TEDGlobal 2013, director Bruno Giussani reached out to the giant community of TEDx organizers around the world to ask for some comic relief. He asked them, “What are the funniest videos from your event?” And, as usual, TEDx’ers came through — with wild enthusiasm.

Below, the 5 hilarious TEDx Talks Giussani selected to show at TEDGlobal. Not surprisingly, many of them brought down the house:

The First Taste: Saatchi & Saatchi at TEDxSydney
It’s a winning formula for comedy: kids plus foods they’ve never tasted before. In this beautifully shot short film, produced by the folks at Saatchi & Saatchi and premiered at TEDxSydney, seven youngsters try foods for the first time — from olives to gherkin — all in slow-motion.

When Pigs Fly: Sandra Boynton at TEDxYale‬
When she’s not putting together children’s music compilations with the likes of Fountains of Wayne, Ryan Adams, Ben Folds and ……

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Bob Mankoff picks his 11 favorite New Yorker cartoons ever

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[ted_talkteaser id=1776]Bob Mankoff lives and breathes cartoons. He’s drawn many himself — he’s had a contract with The New Yorker for more than 30 years and, in 1997, he became the magazine’s cartoon editor. It’s now his job to sift through the 1,000 or so “idea drawings” (as they’re called within The New Yorker‘s walls) that are submitted each week — and decide upon the 17 or so that will make it into print. As Mankoff explains in great detail in today’s TED Talk, he has a keen idea of what works within the context of the cerebral pages of his magazine. And he’s built up a stable of his own favorite drawings over the years.

We asked Mankoff to do the unthinkable and reveal in public some of the cartoons he finds perennially delightful. With typical good humor, he not only did so, but added his…

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Tahrir Square, Brazil? No, not yet: TED Fellow Juliana Machado Ferreira on the demonstrations in Brazil

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In the past week, vast protests sparked by a bus-fare increase have rocked Brazil, taking its leaders – and the world – by surprise. TED Fellow and conservation biologist Juliana M Ferreira offers an insider’s perspective on what led to this transformational moment.

With all the eyes of the world on Brazil due to the upcoming World Cup 2014 and Olympics 2016, the view of the last few days, especially on June 17th, was a little different from the world’s stereotypes of Brazil: happy and beautiful people partying and dancing semi-naked samba, and enjoying soccer matches while sipping caipirinhas.

What the world saw was the explosion from pressure that had been accumulating for a long time. News agencies claim that altogether, 250,000 people were protesting that day in many Brazilian capitals. However, photos show that this number was actually much higher. It started when local governments raised bus fares…

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Dude! Where’s my plain language?


 There’s lots of reasons to like Don Watson.

My main reason? He’s a great writer. He’s well known for being speechwriter to former Australian PM Paul Keating (and wrote a marvellous book on Keating called Confessions of a Bleeding Heart). He’s also the author of two books much-loved in my circles: Weasel Words (Contemporary Clichés, Cant & Management Jargon) and Death Sentence (The Decay of Public Language).

The overriding point that Watson makes in those two volumes is this –  governments and corporations often uses tricky language designed more to hide information from us than enlighten us. Have some fun watching the short Don Watson YouTube clip below:

I was reminded of this again recently when my youngest son brought home a notice from his school which advised parents of a narrative incursion opportunity’.

I had to scratch my head over that headline.  Turns out the…

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Further reading (and listening) on the shrinking boundary between humans and computers

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“Throughout the history of computers, we’ve been striving to shorten the gap between us and digital information, the gap between our physical world and the world in the screen,” interface designer Jinha Lee says in today’s talk.

[ted_talkteaser id=1781]Lee points out that the gap has become shorter and shorter—it’s now “less than a millimeter, the thickness of a touchscreen glass,” he says. But his goal is to dissolve the boundary completely. In this talk, given at TED2013, he shows off a tool he invented that penetrates into a screen. He also reveals a technology that creates a digital workspace between a keyboard and translucent screen, allowing us to reach into digital worlds with our hands. And his wild ideas don’t stop there.

“If you remove this boundary,” says Lee, “the only boundary left is our imagination.”

Of course, we’ve been questioning what it means, on a deeper level…

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